If you are looking for a consultant or contractor to help you with your product, please email me at

I'm able to consult on green-field UI infrastructure projects, or existing products (100% hands-on coding). The apps I develop are:

  • Built with the best libraries the Web has to offer today.
  • Developed by using highly reusable components for easy management.
  • Work offline.
  • Styled using a CSS architecture that can scale.
  • Properly tested.
  • Can be designed responsively for any viewport (mobile + desktop).
  • Highly configurable with Webpack.
  • Written using ES6, the version of JavaScript most apps should be written in.
  • Made for Devs with an optimal workflow baked into the UI foundation.

Check out the foundational boilerplate I use to establish the UI infrastructure for startups (fully customizable).

If you want to get a sense of my teaching style, find me on Youtube.

Photo of Mark giving a presentation