Hello, I'm a UI and Web Engineer located in the San Francisco Bay Area. I believe in the promise of the open Web, the most ubiquitous software runtime on the planet. So I spend a lot of time working with Web technologies, and teaching others how to do the same.

Over the last decade, I've developed applications for many high profile Internet companies (Fitbit, Trulia, and Ebay to name a few). Working in conjunction with expert teams of Software Engineers, Designers, and Product Managers, I've had the opportunity to create responsive, fast and compelling UX-driven Web applications for many different companies of varying sizes.

If you develop for the Web, you have to keep up with its rapid evolution. Currently, I'm specializing in Web and Mobile front-end applications built with React.js and its associated ecosystem of related technologies. It's an ecosystem I believe holds a lot of promise for Web Engineers. You can read more about my thoughts by subscribing to my guide Publish Your React Component.

My Specialities

Large-scale Single Page Apps (software built for the Web), Javascript ES6/ES5 (expert), React, Redux, Responsive Development (render to any device on the planet), all HTML5 APIs, CSS and SASS (and all other CSS preprocessors), Node.js & Express, NPM, Firebase, Backbone.js, Java, Ruby, Rails, Heroku, Web Performance, Bootstrap/Foundation, Testing (Mocha, Jasmine, etc.), User Interface Design, Mobile Web Development, JavaScript Design Patterns, Creating UI Libraries, and more.

Contact Me

You can reach me at mark.muskardin@gmail.com.

Mark at Sonora Pass Mark at Mesquite Sand Dunes, Death Valley